Tuesday, January 24, 2012

European Encontro 2008

September-October, 2008
Assisi, Italy

I cooked two meals a day for the group on tour. They have been my friends and family for almost 20 years.
The pasta in Italy is a joy to work with, an honor!

The meat is fresh, unprocessed and you know it came from a good source. It does not come shrink-wrapped in plastic, on a styrofoam board.

Tomatoes fresh from the garden every day, and edible flowers too!

Mixed greens salad with radishes and olives

The table was set for 10 people at every meal, with extra plates and silverware for diners in the "Standing Room Only" section

My good friend about to try my famous lasagna

Morning coffee exploded

I also managed the floral arrangements for the music workshops

The final product

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